Product Care

Product Care for Traditional Window Fittings

General Care

To prevent deposits building up and attacking the surface finish, it is very important to maintain door furniture finishes. Frequent dusting with a soft dry cloth and occasional washing with warm soapy water, followed by a light application of good quality wax polish will provide a good foundation for preserving the appearance of most finishes.

Chemical sprays, cellulose based thinners and silicone based polishes should be avoided. Ironmongery fitted externally will require greater attention due to increased exposure to atmospheric conditions.

It is strongly advised that metal polishes, abrasive cloths and pads or cleaners containing abrasive powders or solvents should not be used as they can cause damage to lacquered or electro-plated finishes.

Care of lacquered finishes

Lacquered finishes should be dusted regularly. They should be routinely wiped clean with soapy water and a soft cloth and wiped dry, and rubbed occasionally with a good wax polish to help protect the finish.The life of the lacquer can be affected by many environmental or atmospheric conditions, including sea, air and industrial pollution.

If the lacquer does start to break down we recommend that all traces of the lacquer are removed with paint stripper. This product may then be cleaned as un-lacquered brass on a regular basis.

Please also be aware that hand jewellery can over time damage or scratch the lacquered layer.

Un-lacquered Brass

Although originally polished, if left untouched the finish will naturally become dull and darken over time. To maintain the polished finish we recommend regular cleaning with a proprietary brand of metal polish (e.g. Autosol or Brasso).

Plated finishes

Regular cleaning with warm soapy water will help to maintain the appearance, but if required a proprietary brand of chrome polish can be used (eg Autosol).

Living Finishes

Normal wear and handling will allow the raised areas to reveal the metal below, helping to create an aged effect. An occasional application of a good beeswax polish can be applied if required.

Other Finishes

Regular Cleaning with warm soapy water and a gentle application of a good wax polish will hep to protect the finish.

New Build Projects and Conservatories

To avoid accidental damage to our fittings we recommend the fixing and use of temporary handles to windows and doors during construction and until such works as plastering and painting are complete.

We would recommend fitting of our products just before completion of a new build project. Please ensure all products when fitted are lightly oiled.

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