Made in the UK

Traditional Window Fittings Limited

Heritage and quality...

All of our products are crafted in Britain using time-honoured manufacturing methods and are assembled and polished by hand. We use two methods of casting; our Traditional range is hand made using the greensand casting process, and the Contemporary range is solid brass cast.

Our long tradition of manufacturing these products means that they have a style, a quality and an authenticity not found elsewhere. Our skilled and experienced workforce is preserving the integrity of these traditional methods of production, which have barely changed in over 150 years.

A modern company that does things the traditional way...

While our products are traditional in both look and feel, they are very much in touch with the modern world. We are continually developing and improving our product range to meet current trends, legislation and environmental standards. Many of our window fasteners, for example, can be used on both traditional windows and also on high security windows with modern multi-point locking systems.

By choosing Traditional Window Fittings products you are purchasing a quality product that is both functional and decorative and one that, well maintained, will give many years of service and pleasure.

If you are interested in supplying some or all of the Traditional Window Fittings range please contact us on 01206 804317 or email us at