Contemporary Window Fittings Specifications

Traditional Window Fittings Limited

Option 101
Bulbend Espag handle

Option 101/A
Offset Bulbend Espag handle

Option 101/B
Offset Reeded Espag handle

Option 101/C
Offset Spoon Espag handle

Option 101/D
Offset Bulbous Espag handle

Option 102, 102/A & 102/D
Bulbend Pegstay

Option 102/B
Reeded Pegstay

Option 102/C
Spoon Pegstay

Option 103
Arched Backplate Swan Neck Grip

Option 108
Arched Backplate Bulbend Grip

Option 109
Arched Backplate Round Ring Grip

Option 103 – 62
Arched Backplate Swan Neck Grip

Option 108 – 62
Arched Backplate Bulbend Neck Grip

Option 109 – 62
Arched Backplate Round Ring Grip

Option 103/A
Square Ended b/plate Swan Neck Grip

Option 108/A
Square Ended b/plate Bulbend Grip

Option 109/A
Square Ended b/plate Round Ring Grip

Option 113
The Eye 215mm fixing centres

Option 114
The Bawdsey 215mm fixing centres

Option 115
The Eye 122mm fixing centres

Option 116
The Bawdsey 122mm fixing centres

Option 117
The Eye 270mm arched top

Option 118
The Bawdsey 270mm arched top

Option 119
The Eye 305mm square ended

Option 120
The Bawdsey 305mm square ended

Option 121
slim backplate swan neck grip

Option 122
slim backplate bulbend grip

Option 123
slim backplate round ring grip

Option 124
The Eye 240mm x 26mm rounded

Option 125
The Bawdsey 240mm x 26mm rounded

Option 126
Swan Neck Grip

Option 127
Bulbend Grip

Option 128
Round Ring Grip

Option 129
Swan Neck Grip

Option 130
Bulbend Grip

Option 131
Round Ring Grip

Option 110
Stronghold Heavy Duty Cylinder Pulls

Option 104
Internal & External Letterplate Set

Option 105
Doctors Door Knocker

Option 105/A
Large Doctors Door Knocker

Option 105/B
Adam Door Knocker

Option 105/C
Lion Head Door Knocker

Option 105/D
Ring Door Knocker

Option 105/E
Plain Door Knocker

Option 105/F
London Door Knocker

Option 106
Octagon Door Pull

Option 106/A
Lions Head Door Pull

Option 106/B
Round Door Pull

Option 106/C
Octagon Door Pull (102mm)

Option 106/C1
Octagon Door Pull (70mm)

Option 106/D
Round Door Pull

Option 106/E
Ball Door Pull

Option 107
Cabin Hook (All sizes)

Option 111L
2 Inch Letters

Option 111N
2 Inch Numerals

Option 112
Heavy Duty Door Chain