Contemporary Window Fittings Specifications

Traditional Window Fittings Limited

Option 101
Bulbend Espag handle

Option 101/A
Offset Bulbend Espag handle

Option 101/B
Offset Reeded Espag handle

Option 101/C
Offset Spoon Espag handle

Option 101/D
Offset Bulbous Espag handle

Option 102, 102/A & 102/D
Bulbend Pegstay

Option 102/B
Reeded Pegstay

Option 102/C
Spoon Pegstay

Option 103
Arched Backplate Swan Neck Grip

Option 108
Arched Backplate Bulbend Grip

Option 109
Arched Backplate Round Ring Grip

Option 103 – 62
Arched Backplate Swan Neck Grip

Option 108 – 62
Arched Backplate Bulbend Neck Grip

Option 109 – 62
Arched Backplate Round Ring Grip

Option 103/A
Square Ended b/plate Swan Neck Grip

Option 108/A
Square Ended b/plate Bulbend Grip

Option 109/A
Square Ended b/plate Round Ring Grip

Swan Neck
Slim backplate 240 x 26 with Swan Neck Grip

Bulbend Grip
Slim Backplate 240 x 26 with Bulbend Grip

Round Ring Grip
Slim Backplate 240 x 26 with Round Ring Grip

Option 110
Stronghold Heavy Duty Cylinder Pulls

Option 104
Internal & External Letterplate Set

Option 105
Doctors Door Knocker

Option 105/A
Large Doctors Door Knocker

Option 105/B
Adam Door Knocker

Option 105/C
Lion Head Door Knocker

Option 105/D
Ring Door Knocker

Option 105/E
Plain Door Knocker

Option 105/F
London Door Knocker

Option 106
Octagon Door Pull

Option 106/A
Lions Head Door Pull

Option 106/B
Round Door Pull

Option 106/C
Octagon Door Pull (102mm)

Option 106/C1
Octagon Door Pull (70mm)

Option 106/D
Round Door Pull

Option 106/E
Ball Door Pull

Option 107
Cabin Hook (All sizes)

Option 111L
2 Inch Letters

Option 111N
2 Inch Numerals

Option 112
Heavy Duty Door Chain